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About Lucentini

August 21, 2021

About Lucentini

Lucentini is a Maltese ceramic design company, where we take pride and commitment towards our History and Heritage proposing it through our best craftmanship and using the finest materials and best details. The Lucentini are Ceramic tiles that come with a measurement of 15cm x 20cm and a thickness that varies (depending on the 3D subject) from 4.5cm to 7cm.

Bottega Lucente creates 12 new items every Season, celebrating life and history through Nature’s vibes and colors. The Lucentini are weathered with lava stone and finished to the highest detail and stylish quality.

The company was founded in 2018 after a lot of initial trials on materials, techniques and designs. Arriving to the right formula was a challenge that took a lot of time, dedication and commitment but at the end the final product is a work of Art that compliments any ambience and surroundings.

“Malta and it’s unique language and colorful history have always inspired me. Our history alone is a never-ending story of conqueror, tragedy and survival. All this and the love for our heritage and culture made me feel the need to marry these fragments of our history together and personify it through art, bringing our history to homes. “

“The more we create the more we travel deep and wide and the more we get excited with what is coming next “

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