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About us

About us


It all started five years ago. It was already two years since I had started restoring this beautiful historical place in Valletta - Valletta Lucente - When a problem, one of the many, cropped up, The Tiles. Yes the house was full of these beautifully designed tiles with so many different colours and yet all complimented each other. Where is the problem? The tiles became one big worry when imminent decisions on how the  installation for the necessary construction works had to be done. How the necessary services had to be passed, installed and commissioned and at the same time safeguard this unique feature. The easiest way was to demolish, do the works and install new tiles... But how could I do that? The more  I looked at these old tiles the  more and more I was falling in love. Eventually I decided that these tiles shall be taken off one by one, carefully number them, install  whatever needed to be installed and reposition every single tile as intact. 







And that is what I did, for my satisfaction and also for others to enjoy. Half way in this process I realised that this was not a walk in the park and that it entailed a lot of work, time, precision and dedication.

This tedious hard work made me reflect and whilst spending lengthy time on this job, a fear anguished me deep inside myself, yes a fear that other people like me who are restoring such places in Malta do not have the time and patience, the same patience and dedication that I have devoted.  This will result that these beautiful unreplacable tiles would be lost forever.
Work continued in the house... and the idea to create something similar to these tiles grew fonder and more adoring until it became a constant wish. An idea to link today’s world and needs with yesterday’s history, traditions and culture.   

With the love of Art, the belonging to our history and heritage, and with this idea in mind all was finally clear.  A a wish  had to become alive and thus a reality! For me it was all wrapped up and I could already picture them... even the name was clear - Lucentini! From here onwards it was another project.







I discussed the idea with friends in the field and close friends to find the right way how to proceed and create the first Lucentini. Discussions and ideas on the type of material to be used, to the right size, the weight, type of depictions, topics and as you can imagine a bunch of other  issues one can imagine. Thanks to great friends that dedicated time day after day to listen to my dream and understand the idea we managed to find a way to start the process from the drawing board to the production of the actual first Lucentini .

After dedicative time for networking, for travelling and meeting various artists - from the ceramicist to the actual painters, at the beginning of 2019 we managed to get a team onboar ! A team that has had the patience to listen to my idea and eventually understand and help me create this Aim... a  team that really made me proud.

A  personal pride which is felt at the inception of each and every Lucentini produced.

A pride that unitedly we have collaborated successfully to bring together at its’ best, our never ending history, our heritage, our culture and above all our Love for Art.

Charles Cordina



Valletta Lucente

20/A, St. Lucy Street - Valletta - Malta

+356 7704 8075