It was love at first sight. Every thought, every concept, every idea came together, the moment Lucentini came across the amazing Charles & Ron CYNOSURE Collection. Cynosure, a perfect term to coin the Fall 2022/23 Charles & Ron collection. The design, the colours, the style and the theme of the collection make the Cynosure, distinct, beautiful, amazing and truly one of a kind.

They also make Cynosure the source of inspiration for a collaboration between Lucentini and Charles & Ron. An inspiriton which gave birth to COLLABORATION, a limited collection of six ceramic handmade tiles which are being launched here today at St. George’s Square, Valletta. Lucentini tiles on one hand inspired by a detail, a concept, an artefact. Yet Lucentini talented artists are also inspired by the country’s cultural heritage, the island’s history and also contemporary Malta.

On the other Charles & Ron, a contemporary lifestyle brand, high-end clothing, and bags with a distinct Mediterranean flair and a dedication to superior quality. Today, after so many months of preparation, we celebrate the marriage between two of Malta’s most regarded companies Lucentini and Charles & Ron.