Spring is the time of renewals, full of hope and colours carrying us to a joyful new beginning, lifting us for this powerful upcoming season. It’s the time to admire the strength through the bright colourful that nature presents around us.

L-Irxoxt – represents exactly this special time of year. The Resurrection of God, a symbol of Strength, Love and Courage. With the assistance of the Holy Spirit, L-Ispirtu S-Santu, Peace can be achieved and through God each one of us regenerates his/her awakening for a new start. Through this energy one can really feel peace and harmony.

It’s the start of a new Victory – Malta Rebbieha – the light over darkness, same as a new family member – Princep and Principessa – Prince or a Princess that are the seed of a Family for a promising future. The continuation, the courage that are all coming through Faith for a brighter and a prosperous tomorrow.

As spring approaches these energies can be seen and admired all over our Island. Malta has been and is a cradle of colourful events not only through nature but also through our colorful history. In the recent past, Malta was the home for the late Queen Elizabeth II that together with the late Prince Philip used to reside on our beautiful Island.

May this Spring brings over the same positive vibe and energy with the help of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit for the wellbeing of all.

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LUCENTINI are individually hand made pieces of art, travelling through history with a little bit of fantasy.

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