Lucentini Spring 2022 Collection


Bottega Lucente is keen to launch the new Spring collection…”Growth”

What a beautiful time! What an energy! Spring brings regeneration, change. As nature is recovering and starting to bloom we at Bottega Lucente got inspired by this positive vibe and we are translating this positive force through our new items ….

While the sun “ix-Xemx” warms up the earth and the heart, the angel “l-anglu kustodju” looks over us. Our glorious past “il-Kavallieri” fills up the heart with courage on our way to glory. With the cross”is-Salib ” to guide and protect us, the eye ” l-Ghajn ” being symbol of protection and guarding from the unknown, we will eventually find the key “il-muftieh” to our new beginning.

As we have always done ….let’s ambrace this new awaking with nature this spring and hold at heart these lessons nature is teaching us.

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What are Lucentini?

LUCENTINI are individually hand made pieces of art, travelling through history with a little bit of fantasy.

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“Finally found an alternative to the mass produced products. Something that incorporates real sentiment and purpose while promoting the local heritage.”

Victor Bugeja, Customer

Surnames / Coat of Arms – Personalised

Versatile team – we are here to realise your dreams; tell us what’s on your mind.

Find the unique Lucentini that reflects you.

Letters, flowers, feasts and surnames are just a few of the Lucentini we have on offer.

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