Lucentini Summer 2022 Collection


Time collection comes at a moment where time passes by slowly and yet too fast all at once. It’s a collection of prestigious items meeting in time.

The excitement of Summer brings forward the intense and deep colors of our Maltese Doors connected in time through the Maltese “tal-Lira clock”. The beautiful colors of our traditional doors give a warm loving family feeling bringing with it a lot of emotions and memories. Opening the door of home one will open his senses to many warm joyful moments, “Il-fjura tal-qarabali” with its delicate texture and the bright colors reflects the hard work of our farmers, the kindness of nature and opens up the way to our traditional culinary dishes. In the warm feeling of our homes one cannot go without noticing our extended family; “il-habib fidil” and “il-qattus” giving this playful feeling. The Noble Maltese “Arlog tal-Lira” over imposing the sitting room and keeping count of time second after second seems slow yet too fast remind us of how times flies by.

Lucentini newest release reminds us to look into our heritage and re discover the world around us. This summer collection reflects on our surroundings on a day-to-day encounter. Its wise to take the days in stride and slow down to discover this unique heritage around us. Whether at a local fiesta, a dip in the blue Mediterranean Sea, enjoying sweet melodies or experiencing the mysteries of love, find an adventure worthy of your precious time.

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What are Lucentini?

LUCENTINI are individually hand made pieces of art, travelling through history with a little bit of fantasy.

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“Finally found an alternative to the mass produced products. Something that incorporates real sentiment and purpose while promoting the local heritage.”

Victor Bugeja, Customer

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