Just after a long summer we prepare to embrace Fall. A drastic change from the hot dry Summer to a more colorful reviving Nature. Lots of changes . . . shorter days, longer nights . . .more time for family and for ourselves. More time to discover and understand. It’s also the time to reflect and find what really is important to oneself.

While the beautiful harmless” Stilla tal-Bahar” (starfish) .. . full of colors that reflect the sun gives us that joy of life we have just experienced this Summer and the beautiful hard working “Zunzana “( bee ) that all Summer was busy enjoying all sorts and types of Flowers has just finished all hard work producing the golden nectar . . .gives us this warm relaxed feeling we have just enjoyed . . . . Fall reminds us that a new cycle is taking place. The steady knock of the “Habbata “ ( door knocker ) gives the right awakening to reality for a new start . . . The Knights Cross . . . symbol of braveness and kindness keep us focused on new biggening and commitments . . . those eight points of the cross speaks by themselves of past profound believes and knowledge. . . . the eight beatitudes. The Knights of St John gave this small island the courage to fight for once own country and believes. This strength has been transmitted to us Maltese to create and invent out with what there is . . . .” Tal- Linja “ was a converted truck to function as means of public transportation that served for over 100 years.

This fall we are also introducing the local village feasts and saints. The feasts that remind us of our profound believes in the Catholic Church. The faith that has been of support and guidance through centuries for us Maltese.

While waiting for the Christmas period we remember and reflect on who we are and where we want to go.

What are Lucentini?

LUCENTINI are individually hand made pieces of art, travelling through history with a little bit of fantasy.

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