LUCENTINI Spring Collection 2021

Hope collection – 12 new Lucentini

March 12, 2021

HOPE Collection

The Lucentini HOPE collection comes at a very particular time, where HOPE blends perfectly with SPRING and together they lead the way to new beginnings.

Everything happens for a reason; Spring is the time of year that restores harmony and through small but constant felt growth Nature comes back to life. Lets all hold hands, look to Nature and together cherish this new beginning, this HOPE for a brighter tomorrow. It’s the perfect time to HOPE and start fresh together with Nature.

Listening to the soft harmony sounds of Nature opens our mind and soul to a different level of being. Listening and observing transmit positive vibrations through the mind and directly to the heart for more Love and Joy. Enjoying the simple things in life leads us to internal happiness and fulfilment.

All this beauty of Spring comes in perfectly with the new sounds of Nature nourishing HOPE for new beginnings; New HOPES letting ourselves go; strong as an Elephant yet agile as an Eagle and oriented as a pigeon; we let ourselves get carried away with this new energy of Spring; trying our luck to the dice, hoping we will be anchored to our wishes and aspirations with the help of luck for a better tomorrow.

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